Are you not seeing results? Do you need to be pushed a little harder?
Do you need to be challenged? Are you training for a sport? Do you need someone to hold you accountable? Do you need assistance with nutrition or someone to manage your progress?

There are many things a personal trainer can do, almost anyone can benefit from hiring one. Or do you want to go to another level and compete and you require some serious coaching?

Some clients just want to know how to get the best out of the gymnasium. Others may have a specific injury or condition and require assistance during rehabilitation.

Gain a greater understanding as to how muscles react under various reps, sets or intensity. Understand how important it is to mix up your training. A personal trainer can give you the motivation you need to kick start your strength and fitness journey.

There are so many benefits to resistance training and investing in a personal trainer may be what you need. Whether it’s a couple of sessions to get you on track or a standing appointment we highly recommend that you take advantage of the diversity, knowledge and passion our trainers and coaches have at Impact Strength & Fitness

We guarantee that with the right program, diet and your buy in then we will achieve the results you are after.

our trainers

Chris McGeary

Coby Williams

Remy Bramary

Sally Priest

Hannah Faelmann

Simon Frost

Luke Scriven

Ellie Meuwissen


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